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    • Let yourself be carried away by the Cuban roads in an experience that begins with flight to Havana, capital of the largest of the Antilles and the beginning of a trip to immerse yourself in Cuban culture. Viñales, Cienfuegos and Trinidad are recommended stops on a route that will take you back in time, while you discover how present the mark of Spain is in the heritage of this beautiful island that offers much more than sun and beach.


    Frequently asked questions

    Only people over 21 years of age and who have a driver's license for a minimum of 2 years can rent cars in Cuba through our website.
    You must present your valid driver's license with at least 2 years old, original passport or identity card in case you reside in Cuba and the voucher of your reservation in print.
    Only people in the car contract can pick it up at the point of rent. You must add an additional driver when picking up your car in Cuba, maximum 2 additional drivers
    In case of breakage, accident or other similar mishap, the customer must immediately inform the sales office belonging to the rental agency closest to the place, as well as take safety measures avoiding damage, accidents or theft. The customer is responsable for the car while in custody through this contract.
    The customer has 59 minutes of bonus, after that time and up to 5 hours will pay 1/5 of the daily rate for each extra hour.
    You must pay 20 CUC to collect your car at the airport.